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Business Marketing Consultant

You can’t have a return on investment if you don’t make one. A custom marketing plan, combined with staff training, can put more money in everyone’s pockets and promote your brand like never before. I’ve seen tremendous success using these tools with numerous business models.

Website Design and Maintenance

There is no secret that a beautiful website can help generate online traffic and revenue. I will design and build a great-looking, customized site through a completely browser-based interface that is easy to maintain. All of my websites are search engine friendly and optimized for mobile.

Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Creating the website is just the beginning. In order to start generating online traffic, content must be carefully created and promoted. Utilizing SEO tricks and working with affiliates can increase your web traffic and make you the online expert of your industry.

Social Media and Reputation Management

It’s always important to maintain a relationship with the customers, and social media makes that easier than ever. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email can all be utilized in different ways to generate leads, to promote products and services, and to make the sale.


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